Cost of Mediation
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Cost of Mediation

The average cost of a divorce in Florida is between $10,000 and $20,000.  The cost will typically be higher if the matter goes to trial.  Child custody disputes are also expensive.  Below are just a few of the fees and costs divorcing couples can expect to pay in a traditional divorce proceeding:


·         Attorneys' fees

·         Court costs

·         Fee for a four-hour mandatory parenting class

·         Fees for early neutral evaluations

·         Mandatory mediation costs


There may also be additional underlying costs, such as unexpected tax consequences, under-performing frozen investments, and depreciating property assets.  Mediation of some divorces or child custody matters can cost less than $1,000 if the individuals have already agreed on the terms of their divorce or the child custody and just need the agreement reduced to writing and to complete the necessary forms for filing with the court.  This is particularly true in a divorce if the couple has been married for a short time, if there are no minor children, and if there is no jointly-owned property or debt.  The situation becomes a bit more complicated when there are minor children involved or there is jointly-owned property and debt.  One of the most significant ways to keep the cost of a divorce or child custody matter minimal is for the disputing individuals to cooperate.  If the individuals are willing to work together in settling each aspect of a dispute and keep the best interests of the children in mind if there are minor children, then the process will be shorter in duration and, therefore, less expensive.  While settling disputes with an estranged spouse or the other parent of your child is challenging, keeping in mind the importance of a more peaceful future will benefit both the individuals involved and all other family members.


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Southwest Florida Divorce & Family Mediation Services