Benefits of Mediation
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Benefits of Mediation

There are numerous advantages of using a mediator when divorcing or resolving a child custody matter.  Southwest Florida Divorce and Family Mediation Services realizes these advantages and strives to maximize each benefit:


  • The divorcing couples or parents involved in a child custody dispute will pay significantly less than if the individuals choose a traditional litigation process.  Sometimes attorneys are necessary to address certain legal matters.  However, representation of each side of the dispute by a separate attorney will be expensive.  Furthermore, many mediators’ hourly rates are lower than attorneys’ rates and only  one mediator is needed for the divorce mediation process. ,  ,    ,   ,     ,    ,      ,    ,,,,,

  • Mediation will avoid a destructive litigation process and a potential courtroom battle.  Mediation will preserve the relationships of the family members who will still need to interact after the dispute is settled, thereby creating a more peaceful future.

  • Mediation will be less traumatic for the children and other family members.  A mediator will encourage the disputing individuals to work together to find solutions, while keeping the future and the best interests of the children in mind.

  • With mediation, the disputing individuals, rather than a judge, control the outcome and are the ultimate decision makers.  Divorcing couples or parents involved in a child custody matter know much more about their own marital or family situation and are best able to resolve the matter if they maintain a positive attitude and a spirit of cooperation during the process.  Being able to make decisions and having control of the outcome will be more gratifying than a contentious litigation process.

  • For the most part, mediation will remain confidential.  Therefore, your personal, marital, and family affairs are more likely to remain out of the public’s attention, rather than becoming a matter of public record as is the case when the matter is litigated in court.

  • The resulting agreement and parenting plan can be uniquely developed to address each particular marital and family situation rather than the more ordinary or standard outcome decided by an judge.


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