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Southwest Florida Divorce & Family Mediation Services

If you are divorcing or have another family matter, such as a child custody dispute, you should consider going to a mediator.  Southwest Florida Divorce and Family Mediation Services provides services to individuals who do not want to pay for separate lawyers to represent each side.  As a mediator, I can assist you in settling the matter, and during the process I will (i) develop a settlement agreement and a parenting plan; (ii) perform child support calculations; and (iii) assist each spouse in completing all the necessary court forms.  There are many benefits of mediation.  First, there is significant cost savings.  Most mediators’ hourly rates are lower than attorneys’ rates and only one mediator is needed, rather than each side having their own attorney.  Also, in most cases, mediation is a significantly shorter process than litigation and, therefore, less fees are charged.  A second benefit is the avoidance of a destructive litigation process and a potential courtroom battle.  Mediation will preserve the relationships of the parties and family members who will still need to interact after the dispute is settled, thereby creating a more peaceful future.


Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator Michael Zizza has over 20 years' experience in the legal profession, including participating in the mediation of numerous commercial law disputes.  Michael received his family mediation training at the University of South Florida.  The training was sponsored by the Conflict Resolution Collaborative, under the instruction of the nationally recognized mediator and licensed psychologist Gregory Firestone, Ph.D.  As part of the family mediation certification process, Michael was required to participate in several court-ordered family mediations.  This family mediation certification must be renewed every two years with an additional 20 hours of training.  Michael has a Juris Doctor degree from Suffolk University in Boston, as well as a Master of Science and a Bachelor of Science in engineering.  Michael is a veteran of the U.S. Army Reserves. He is happily married with three children. He is compassionate toward his clients and their children.


Southwest Florida Divorce & Family Mediation Services